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Document Scanning Solutions

Convert paper to searchable data in our SOC 2-certified bureaus.

Digitization & Automation Solutions

Automation lays the foundation for business efficiency & growth.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Digital Data

Keep The Data, Ditch The Paper!

Paper documents and manual processes are slow and error-prone. Convert paper to powerful data that you can search and access from anywhere. Capture, classify, and manage all business documents using a combination of our scanning services and document management solutions.

Capture Data Smartly, Store It Securely

Automate data extraction from business documents to feed into downstream processes and applications. Streamline workflows and support effective decision-making. Store vast amounts of data at the highest levels of security with our compliance-ready storage solutions.

Digital Workplace Transformation

Transform The Office Into a Digital Workplace

Outsource your corporate mailroom operations to DRS and empower remote or hybrid teams. We’ll digitize every incoming communication, including emails, faxes, and paper and convert them into high-quality data that can be digitally distributed and instantly processed.

Meet Compliance Regulations

Meet Dynamically Changing Compliances

Centralize and secure access to business documents and meet constantly changing regulatory requirements. Help HR teams manage and secure Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and adhere to Information Governance best practices.

A Single Source Of Truth For Business Data

Effective business decisions depend on consistent, accurate, and real-time information from various data sources. Our automated data capture and ECM solutions provide a single source of truth, so you make decisions confidently at the speed of light!

Streamline Processes

Streamline Processes, Improve The Bottomline

It’s time to challenge the belief that business processes are about pushing paper at each step! Streamline invoice processing, expedite payments, and never miss a payment deadline again! Business process automation improves your credibility and profitability.

Our Services

Medical Records Scanning

DRS Imaging specializes in HIPAA-compliant medical records scanning and indexing services. Our specially trained professionals prep, scan, and index medical records under stringent SOC 2 security protocols. We use automated batch scanning to handle large volumes of records and associate them with the correct EMR, securely storing them in a centralized repository for access by authorized users.

Accounts Payable Automation

Our advanced data capture technology extracts data from paper invoices, which is then posted to your accounting applications and routed to the relevant people for approval. Approvers receive automated notifications and can instantly process approvals through mobile devices, thus expediting payments and reducing bottlenecks in the process.

HR Automation

HR automation eliminates document-intensive processes. DRS offers you a range of solutions: eForms eliminate paper applications, ECM software securely manages confidential company and employee records, and workflow automation solutions streamline processes and automate repetitive tasks. HR automation allows skilled HR staff to focus on more value-added work. 

Onsite Scanning Services

Documents containing highly confidential PII or credit card information can’t be transported to a scanning facility due to security guidelines. Our onsite scanning service is ideal for these. We send our specialized scanning equipment and staff to your premises, so your sensitive documents never leave your premises.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) delivers measurable business benefits. Outsource your non-core activities to DRS for a significant reduction in operational costs. Your teams can then focus their efforts on your core competencies. We offer affordable and reliable BPO services meeting standard industry compliances such as SOC 2, CJIS, HIPAA and HITECH.

Digital Mailroom Services

Outsource your corporate mailroom to DRS. Our advanced scanning, document management, and data capture solutions automate the collection and distribution of incoming mail and deliver digitized documents directly to your business applications and workflows. Mailroom automation empowers remote and hybrid teams and facilitates a digital workplace.

“DRS Imaging has always provided me with first-rate service and attention to render the best images possible. Thank you to Tammy McLoud and her exceptional team for their great work and for always being willing to go the extra mile.”

J. Ben Arnette, PE, SE | Vice President, G&A Consulting Engineers, PLLC

Why Choose DRS Imaging?

Founded in 1964, DRS Imaging is one of the oldest and largest service bureaus in the United States.

With major facilities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Georgia, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York,  Texas (Dallas and Houston), and the Virginia/DC Metro area, DRS is one of the oldest and largest service bureaus in the United States.

We offer a complete line of transformative solutions, including secure scanning services, document management solutions, and turnkey Check 21 and EMR systems. Our SOC 2-certified document bureaus use state-of-the-art equipment and trained staff to convert paper to powerful data that you can search and access from anywhere.

DRS Imaging has successfully completed more than 50,000 document scanning projects, and several of the team have earned the coveted Certified Document Imaging Architect Award from CompTIA for mastery in document imaging and conversion.

Our clients have attained measurable results through increased productivity, lower costs and technological innovation.

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