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Top-Performing Automated Accounts Solutions

You want—and need—to get paid; It’s essential to your bottom line. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could reduce the traditionally complicated, manual accounts receivable processes and instead move to automated methods to improve efficiency?

Employee streamlining the accounts receivable process

Managing The Accounts Receivable Lifecycle

You need an accounts receivable solution to help you operate at peak efficiency and profitability. And you need to send invoices in a way that meets your customer’s expectations—whether that’s digital or via a self-service platform and adheres to compliance standards no matter the system.

You provide a service or product, and it’s essential to receive payment on time. But if you have outstanding invoices, it’s hard to keep track of who’s paid what and when. You need an AR strategy prioritizing specific invoices and clients, employs follow-up protocols, and allows employees to focus on critical business areas. That way, nothing will slip through the cracks.


Accounts Receivables solutions and technologies make it easy for clients to submit a payment. The automated process allows clients to pay remotely and with multiple methods. You’ll also know who is where in the payment process and can quickly reach out to overdue accounts. Clients will no longer have to wait for answers to their questions—and your time will be freed up so you can emphasize value-added tasks.


Streamlining the accounts receivables management process can save hours in your accounting department. Instead of picking up the phone or sorting through documents, staff members can gain instant visibility on an invoice’s status. They’ll know what was due when and who to contact. An automated process will reduce frustration, become pain-free, and reduce disputes.


A comprehensive Accounts Receivable (AR) software solution will give you all the information you need at your fingertips. We know it won’t be 100% automated, but many of the tasks could—and should—be. Doing so can free up tedious tasks and enable you to handle twice as many active customer accounts so you can focus on what matters most.

When you decide you’re ready to upgrade your accounts receivable department, DRS will take a holistic review of your current processes—from how you invoice to processing costs—and optimize the workflow. We’ll design a solution to improve efficiency and collaboration so you can maximize your working capital.

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