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Amazon Web Service Integration with Mercury

Mercury Secures Records And Integrates With AWS

Mercury and AWS the Secure Choice for Your Records

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers many pay-as-you-go options for cloud storage, and its S3 storage is the least costly option for those needing to migrate old data to a cloud archive. Did you know that DRS offers APIs to many cloud storage services, including AWS?

AWS is one of the market leaders in the cloud storage space, and thus many businesses are familiar with and already using it. This is why Mercury integrates with AWS to migrate old information to the cloud archive, reducing your overall storage costs.

Delivering Your Data

Once we scan your documents, we can convert your files into powerful information that you can quickly search and access. A technology called Optical Character Recognition (OCR) extracts readable text from static images, which allows our software to index your files. Additionally, many businesses choose to use the Mercury modules to analyze, classify and store their data. 

Mercury Content Management

  • MercuryAnalyze lets you get a handle on which information is outdated and should be archived 
  • MercuryClassify automates classification of data for migration to the cloud 
  • MercuryFile automatically archives rarely used files to the cloud 
  • Securely connect to AWS to store your data

Benefits of AWS Cloud Storage

  • Enables scalability of data with a pay-as-you-grow model. As your information increases, your storage costs will only increase incrementally 
  • Offers easy search and retrieval of information, for audit-proof storage
  • Reduces complexity of storage because there are no long-term contracts that IT must maintain

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