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Blueprint Scanning And Digitizing Services

  • Digitize blueprints for immediate access.
  • Ensure complete security of your confidential documents
  • Utilize k-12 school ARPA grants.
  • Register with the Collaborative Response Graphics project.

blueprint scanning digitizing services

No Matter Your Industry, We Can Help

Every month the best organizations and businesses in the world trust us with over 1 billion documents.


    K-12 Schools (public and private)

    • School building blueprints
    • Campus key plan or master plan
    • External facade and elevation plans
    • Safety equipment datasheets
    • Emergency exits, refuge area plans
    • HVAC drawings

    Engineers and Architects

    • Architectural blueprints
    • Civil engineering drawings
    • Site plans, floor plans
    • Framing and utility plans
    • Plot plans, safety plans
    • Circuit diagrams

    The Medical Industry

    • Hospital master plan drawings
    • Schematics of rooms & support facilities
    • Electrification, HVAC, waste disposal plans
    • Firefighting and protection system plans

    Go Digital: Transform Your Paper Blueprints With Digitization Services

    Large format paper documents such as building blueprints, engineering drawings, and construction plans can range. These large paper documents require specialized scanners to convert blueprints and other oversized paper documents into digital files that are easy to access, manage, store, and share.

    • Scanning large documents into high quality digital formats reduces the storage space required to store bulky papers.
    • Scan large format papers to mitigate damage from accidents like fires or floods, or age-related degradation.
    • Scan blueprints, maps, and layouts so they can be easily accessed from anywhere during emergencies or remote operations.
    • Plan a large format document conversion or scanning project to create safer environments and comply with safety norms.

    Consult with our blueprint scanning service experts to implement the appropriate procedures and best practices for large format document or drawing scanning.

    scanning large format document

    Benefits of Blueprint and Large Format Document Scanning

    Oversized documents pose a challenge for safe storage. They may not fit into regular-sized binders or folders and may be rolled into cylindrical containers, laid flat in large boxes, and stowed away in basements or storage areas. Digital files, however, are incredibly easy to store and access with document content management systems. They also have many other benefits apart from ease of storage. 

    scanned and indexed blueprints

    Centrally Scanned and Indexed

    We scan your documents and route them into a centralized digital repository. The files are then indexed or labeled into categories by essential attributes such as the project number, date or client name. Scanning makes critical records readily available from a secure central digital location at the click of a button, and indexing ensures they are easily accessible to all authorized users.

    easily accessed large format documents

    Searchability and Accessibility

    Once your blueprint or other large-format drawings, plans or maps are converted to digital files and indexed, they can be easily located using full-text keyword searches. As easy as a simple Google search, you can access the document you need instantly, even from among thousands of records! Cloud-based storage systems also allow you to access digitized copies from mobile devices, making it easy for first responders, law enforcement teams and offsite personnel to view, edit, and share documents from the centralized repository.

    secure document management system

    Improved Document Control

    Physical documents may be prone to theft, data leaks, or get accidentally misplaced. Digital copies are much easier to safeguard. Layers of security can be applied to digital files with access only permitted to authorized personnel. In addition, administrators can set various access levels for different users to view, edit, or share files.

    blueprint storage costs

    Reduce Storage Costs

    Large format paper documents take up an incredible amount of expensive storage space. With digitization, you can free up physical storage space. Even if your retention policies mandate retaining the originals, these can be put away in long-term offsite storage areas. You can use the digitized copies for most purposes and will not need to access the originals. Cloud-based storage of digital files is affordable, safe and accessible.

    high quality blueprint archiving

    Improved Backups and Archiving

    Digital files are easy and quick to back up. This allows you to make more frequent backups, preventing data loss and preserving information in a way that’s impossible with physical documents. Digital files are also a secure and easy method to archive blueprints as you don’t need extensive storage space. It’s safe, affordable and preserves your valuable data and documents.

    Our Blueprint Document Scanning Process

    Our large format scanners and professional scanning teams help businesses save time and effort on in-house scanning activities. Just let us pick up your documents, and soon you will have digitized copies available at the click of your mouse.

    We follow a secure chain of custody from the moment we pick up your documents. They are stored at our nearest SOC2-certified secure facility. Documents are prepped and scanned, and post-scanning quality control ensures that only clean, sharp images are approved. We can save the final output files in any file format you prefer. We then upload them into a document management system or digital repository. Once we have checked the digital copies, the originals can be securely shredded (depending on your retention policies) or returned carefully to your premises without damaging or degrading the already fragile documents.

    Blueprint Digitization Process

    Helping New Jersey Schools Digitize School Building Blueprints:

    Utilize ARPA Funds And Register With Collaborative Graphics Response Project.

    New Jersey’s public and private schools can now access ARPA funding to complete their blueprint scanning projects. However, scanning large format documents such as blueprints is not a project that can be handled in-house using a regular scanner. Instead, schools must look for a reliable large format scanning services company to handle these legacy documents, manage appropriately, and store them securely.

    DRS Imaging will guide New Jersey schools through the process of securely scanning blueprints right up to submitting the digitized files to the Collective Graphics Response Project.

    • Digitized blueprints will help first responders in emergencies and enable law enforcement officials to study campus layouts, plan rescues and proactively improve school campus security rules and routes.
    • Gain quick, anytime, anywhere access to scanned copies of legacy blueprints when you need to refer to them for repair, reconstruction or refurbishments.
    • Preserve fragile legacy blueprints and prevent information loss by digitizing them for use and minimizing handling of the originals.

    Connect with DRS Imaging today for reliable and secure document scanning services and make your school a safer place for students, teachers and faculty. 


      If you are eligible to utilize government grants, our GSA schedule contract details are available here. Our experts are always available to walk you through the entire process, start to finish.

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