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Document Management & Document Scanning in Boise, Idaho

A paperless office is a proficient office.

The work world is going remote. Employees contribute from wherever they are to the core of your business. Often that means downsizing your office space. Don’t move boxes of paper documents. Scan them into digital documents and streamline your document management system. Digital files are easy to search, update, and share securely with document management software. The added bonus? Software automates the menial, repetitive tasks that cause bottlenecks so your employees can focus on adding value that drives up your bottom line. Save time, improve productivity, and meet industry compliance regulations with a document management solution from DRS Imaging.

DRS Imaging is one of the top digital transformation leaders in the United States. For over five decades, DRS has scanned paper based files, microfilm, microfiche, and large-format documents for enterprises in all major industries including: insurance, manufacturing, law, utilities, financial, telecommunications, retail, media and advertising, government (State, Federal, City), pharmaceutical, and medical records.

Document Scanning in Boise

Scan Your Documents

Today, digital document management makes sense. But not if you do it yourself. Hire a scanning service to scan a large scale documents at a secure facility and recapture your physical office space. Start with hard copy legacy records. Then tackle day forward documents (paper files that appear after the initial company-wide scanning and imaging) and incoming mail—we take over your mailroom to maintain electronic document management (including digitizing checks and routing them automatically to your financial institution). Ask us about document scanning services today.

Moving offices? Time for Document Imaging

Paper files clog up workflows. It simply doesn’t work anymore in an increasingly digital world. It’s time to replace file cabinets with cloud storage. High quality imaging services digitize your company’s forms, records, and physical documents—even large format!—and put them in the Cloud for easy, secure access. Digital records management sets you up for long-term benefits; staff productivity goes up, time is saved, and budgets are happy.

Document Management Software

Digitize your business process with document imaging that converts paper documents into cloud-based documents. Why? Because digital files are easy to find, update, share, and store. Take advantage of optical character recognition (OCR), version control, and state of the art security features. Manage your electronic files from a mobile device with an audit trail. Document Management Software (DMS) automates workflows for Accounts Payable, Sales, HR, and other departments looking to take advantage of integrated process automation.

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“DRS Imaging has always provided me with first-rate service and attention to render the best images possible. Thank you to Tammy McLoud and her exceptional team for their great work and for always being willing to go the extra mile.”

J. Ben Arnette, PE, SE

Vice President, G&A Consulting Engineers, PLLC

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