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Client Support

Client Support:  1 (888) 745-6646

DRS Customers Should Contact The Client Support Center If:

  • The website is down
  • The website or software are not working properly
  • You are making new work requests
  • You need changes to existing applications
  • You have general questions regarding the service or product

Client Support Center

Maintenance is inherent in our service software offerings. The Client Support center is staffed Monday through Friday, 6:00am ET – 10:00pm ET.

Customer support information for each request is placed into a call tracking system. The open date and time, description of the issue, status, and closed date and time are all captured for reference. Reports are generated to review the status of all requests. The Support personnel take ownership of each customer issue.

Should the initial group or individual assigned to a request not be able to resolve the issues in a timely manner, other DRS or outside personnel are consulted to resolve the issue. In the event of a software problem Support personnel will verify/duplicate the issue as required and investigate a work-around solution to get the customer up and running. Upon verification of the product issue, the incident is escalated to the development group for final resolution and the appropriate software change proposal is initiated.

Product Problem Escalation

1st Level – Call 1-888-745-6646
2nd Level – Contact your Client Relations Manager or Account Executive

Ticket Tracking

All calls to Client Support are assigned a tracking number. This process can be started by a customer via a phone call or email, or anyone within DRS. An example of the type of requests that could start the call tracking process is described below.

In example one, the customer calls Client Support with a problem concerning the manner in which the system is performing. At the start of the call, a tracking number is assigned and entered into the tracking database. Client Support will work with the customer to gather information to recreate the issue. A ticket number is provided to the customer and the request is assigned to the proper group or individual for resolution. Upon resolution the customer is contacted to verify that the issue has been resolved to their satisfaction.

Some problems may arise from issues outside of our control. For example, a change in Internet Explorer might cause the Adobe Plug-in to react differently than in the past. In this instance DRS would notify the customer of this and make every attempt to work with the customer and solve the issue.

Internal Escalation

A ticket may be escalated two ways internally:

Personnel – As mentioned before should a group or individual not be able to solve an issue to the customer’s satisfaction they will escalate the ticket either to another group or to management. This escalation continues until the issue is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Inactivity – Although it is not the norm there are times that a ticket may sit without being resolved. Reports containing open tickets are run daily and sent to management for review. In addition, the ticketing system will send an alert to the manager of a group that has an idle ticket. This ensures that management is aware of these tickets and they are escalated appropriately.

Management Ticket Tracking

  • All incidents are assigned a tracking number and assigned to the appropriate group or individual for handling.
  • Individual Department Managers are responsible for tracking all tickets on a daily basis to ensure they are being addressed in a timely manner.

Critical Issues

  • Department Managers are immediately notified of all critical issues.
  • Email notification is immediately sent to the client. This is followed up with a phone call.
  • Operations Manager is immediately contacted on all system outages.
  • For service outages, an outage notification is distributed to DRS senior management, which includes the problem definition and a time estimate of service restoration if available.
  • Status updates are provided every two hours or sooner as information becomes available.
  • Action plan and time estimate are provided as soon as the problem is diagnosed.
  • Notification of completion is both emailed and followed up with a phone call to all affected clients.

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