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Contract Management Software

Whether you’re working with vendors, partners, customers or employees, contracts involve multiple steps of management and collaboration. And if you’re handling contracts manually, you already know that the administrative process can get bottlenecked and become prone to human error.

But luckily, there’s an alternative. A system that makes contract management pain-free, seamless, automated and fully integrated with current business processes.

Contract Management Software That Delivers Value

Contract management is more than the oversight of operations. It’s about delivering high-value information to key decision makers. It’s about ensuring all parties involved are on the same page and guaranteeing business strategies are appropriately executed.

You need a system to track all communications—both inbound and outbound—so you know where you are in the process. And you need a method connecting various parts of the business lifecycle into a single seamless system so information can automatically flow.

  •  A centralized document management system will create and monitor the entire contract management process. That way, you’ll have the right information at your fingertips.
  • When you start to automate contract workflow, things become more manageable for your staff. You’ll have pre-built reports and forms that you can still customize when needed.  
  • Reliable reporting and alerts will give you updates on a contract’s status and milestones.

If you’re worried about making a change, consider this: More and more companies and partners are accepting and trusting cloud-based sales contracts. It’s simply more convenient and easier to manage when documents are available with a few clicks. Plus, it’s better for risk management and can lead to an enhanced customer experience.

When you team up with the contract management experts at DRS, we’ll work with you to understand requirements, objectives, and expectations. We’ll get to know how your contract management process works and configure a personalized contract management platform that makes sense.

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