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Electronic Data Capture Solutions

Intelligent data capture services through OCR, ICR, OMR, and more.

Employee utilizing the electronic data capture system

Data Capture Services

DRS has the technology and expertise to capture information from media without having to re-enter it.

Electronic data capture systems are a good means of transferring data from forms, applications, images and hand-written records.  Since it is much less labor-intensive than manual data entry, our data capture solutions services are extremely cost-effective.

DRS offers affordable intelligent OCR technology, ICR and OMR electronic data capture services, either at one of our convenient facilities along the east coast and mid-west or onsite at your facility. Using advanced technologies such as Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), Optical Character Recognition, (OCR) and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), DRS can extract electronic information from paper documents, microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards for proper document management and storage. Being premier partners with companies such as Kodak and Canon, we always have the latest hardware and software to deliver maximum results for our clients.

Our outsource electronic data capture services can extract and make sense of handwritten, typed or mark-sense data on a variety of media. The captured data is quality-tested, then formatted to your specifications.  Once in digital form, it can be transmitted electronically through high-speed communication lines, delivered on indexed CDs or DVDs, or uploaded to a Web repository for secure worldwide access.

Applications need data to operate!

DRS been providing data entry and data capture services for our clients since 1964. We offer onshore and offshore data entry services to our customers depending on their requirements and preferences.  We are leaders in the deployment and use of OCR/ICR technology and electronic data capture systems.

We are experienced in the deployment and use of OCR/ICR technology that can reliably capture information from structured and unstructured documents and forms while reducing costs.  Let DRS perform an analysis of your documents and forms and see if OCR/ICR, or perhaps mobile forms capture technology makes sense.

Capturing and purifying data prior to data submission into a business process is very serious business.  Let us show you how to streamline, accelerate, and purify your data with our no charge piloting proof of concept service.

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