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Data & Document
Management Solutions for Food Manufacturing

Drive Process Efficiencies, Reduce Time-to-Market, Maintain Quality & Compliance

Document Management for the Food Processing, Packaging, & Distribution Sector

The US food manufacturing industry consists of thousands of establishments with a combined annual revenue of about $780 billion. Organizations in this industry process a large amount of paperwork, including standard operating procedures, packaging information, nutritional facts, distribution and supply chain documents, and information about FDA & HACCP compliance. With such a large burden of paperwork, companies must overcome many challenges while facing constant pressures to increase production efficiency, reduce time to market, and ensure stringent quality and compliances. It’s time to transition from traditional paper files and cumbersome spreadsheets to the latest digital technologies. Digitization allows real-time visibility, accurate information sharing, and improved coordination saving valuable time and ensuring regulatory compliance. DRS Imaging helps you digitize all paper documents and store business content in a central document repository to make the information available anytime from anywhere while ensuring you meet stringent compliances.
We support the food manufacturing industry with digitization using advanced technologies such as intelligent data capture, workflow automation, and document management systems. Our technology solutions hold the key to transforming the food manufacturing industry digitally. Here’s how: 
  • Reduce dependency on paper and make any document available at the click of a button from any device, anywhere.
  • Maintain control on access and edit rights to documents to establish high compliance standards.
  • Manage policies and procedures related to HACCP Controls for stringent monitoring of product quality standards and compliance with food safety regulations.
  • Enhance visibility and control of information across your manufacturing facility and the organization in general.
  • Streamline workflows to reduce bottlenecks in your production line, saving time and money and bringing your product to market quickly.

Data Management Solutions for Food Processing Units

Food processing is the transformation of agricultural produce like wheat into edible form (like flour). Taking the same example forward, secondary processing then converts flour into consumer foods such as bread. In tertiary processing, ready-to-eat off-the-shelf or heat-and-serve food is manufactured.

Irrespective of the level of processing, companies have to ensure that standard operating procedures (SOPs) are strictly followed to maintain the uniformity, consistency and quality of the food products.

DRS document digitization and document management services ensure all SOP documents are securely stored and can be shared seamlessly, ensuring the business processes work with clockwork precision.

DRS provides workflow automation to streamline, automate and speed up processes and help food processing units gain a competitive advantage.

Helping Food Packaging Companies Go Digital

Packaging plays a very significant role in the food manufacturing industry. It provides physical protection during storage and transportation. Selecting the right packaging material and package sizes guarantees that contents remain clean, fresh and safe for their specified shelf life. It also makes it convenient for distribution, handling, and display.

While packing foods, it is also mandatory to provide accurate labelling with nutritional information such as packing date, expiry date, etc.

A document management system ensures that all information, such as availability of packaging material, packaging sizes, container types, labelling, and coding, is securely stored and made available at the right time during the various processing stages.

Leverage the Power of Information for Food Distribution

From the procurement of the raw materials for food production to the distribution of food products to the end consumers, food distribution involves a complex network of farmers, retailers, factories, warehouses, cold storage, transportation and logistics providers, and more. Specific compliances have to be met while distributing food, which sometimes travels a distance of thousands of miles before it reaches our plates. Therefore, having real-time updates about the food distribution network is essential for proper inventory planning and timely deliveries.

DRS provides intelligent data capture systems to capture information from invoices, payments, delivery notes, and more. This information can be easily shared with existing systems to get real-time updates about delivery and distribution information.

DRS Helps Food Manufacturing Companies Become Secure, Compliant & Efficient

A variety of documents must be managed by companies in the Food Manufacturing Industry:
1. Standard Operating Procedures relating to food processing techniques, packaging requirements, weight control procedures, storage temperatures and procedures, precautions and safety during transportation.

2. Quality control and compliance documents are a must for the food manufacturing company. The number of documents and forms will vary based on the foods being manufactured.

3. Paperwork relating to suppliers, vendors, warehouse managers, logistics providers such as payment terms & conditions, invoices, accounts payables, goods received notes, dispatch challans, delivery notes, etc.

DRS offers a range of technology solutions to food processing, packaging and distribution companies to manage data and documents and transform themselves into secure, compliant and efficient digital enterprises.

Document scanning and document digitization services

DRS offers turnkey document digitization solutions, including high-speed document scanning, indexing, media-to-media conversion, and content migration services. We have the option to execute scanning projects at our state-of-the-art facilities across the USA (offsite scanning) or by setting up a dedicated scanning unit at your location (onsite scanning).

Food manufacturing companies can avail bulk scanning services using DRS high-speed scanners for digitizing documents relating to recipes, food processing, standard operating procedures, quality standards, compliances, and more. 

Intelligent data capture services

DRS offers data capture services to extract information from handwritten or typed paper documents using intelligent character recognition (ICR), optical character recognition (OCR), and optical mark recognition technologies.

Food manufacturing companies can scan and extract information from invoices, accounts payables, delivery notes, goods receipt notes, other transportation documents and automatically share the same with the other systems for further processing. 

Mercury Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

DRS offers food manufacturing companies a comprehensive document management software called Mercury Enterprise Content Management Software. With Mercury, you can define policies, ensure auto-classification of documents, and retain the most updated version of documents. Mercury ECM securely stores digitized documents on-premises or on-cloud according to your requirements, with customized retention schedules and automated alerts for the disposal of obsolete records. It also provides an audit trail for seamless collaboration, version control and compliance. Mercury manages documents right from capture, to classification, to archival or deletion.

Business process automation & workflow automation

Advanced document management solutions streamline information management and digitize workflows in the organization. Business process automation solutions speed up the flow of information between departments and remove delays and blocks that occur dues to slow paper-based processes and manual workflows.

DRS offers food manufacturing companies a Digital Mail Room to scan all incoming paper mail, faxes, and printed documents to convert them to digital documents. Automated business process solutions store all critical business content in a secure, centralized repository and eliminate manual tasks such as visually validating data, comparing data from one system with another, and routing work to other teammates and approvers. Simplified processes mean that documents are no longer held up for approvals as automated alerts and notifications ensure timely approvals from anywhere using mobile devices.

DRS helps food manufacturing companies digitize and automate their Accounts Payable function. DRS accounts payable and receivable solutions save up to 50% cost and reduce the time taken to process an invoice from weeks to days.

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