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Digital Mailroom Services

Out-think, Out-source, Out-perform with the DRS Digital Mailroom

A digital mailroom is a blend of people, business process automation, and technology that feeds all information into critical business processes. It is a combination of ingestion technology to process emails, faxes, and paper that converts them all into high-quality data content.

This digital content then feeds ERP platforms, Billing systems, HR processes, RCM, and EHR systems.   This flow of timely data is like “air to breath” for healthcare systems like Epic, Cerner, GE, Greenway, and Allscripts and for ERP platforms like Oracle, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, Bassware, and more.

Streamline Your Business Processes

Information arrives every day in many ways. It arrives electronically, in paper form, fax, emails, and more. Business processes can’t react and respond until this information is absorbed and ingested into a business process. Think of a room of accounts payable clerks waiting for the mail to arrive. Once invoices and correspondence arrive, it must be converted to data so that accounts payable systems can validate the quantities, items, and pricing against purchase orders and contracts. In other words, nothing happens until the mail becomes digital.

That is exactly what the DRS Digital Mailroom solutions do for our clients.

We build systems for our clients and streamline the influx of transactions, correspondence, and general information into a business critical process that needs correct, high-quality data to function. Some clients like to manage digital mailroom solutions and others like DRS to take the “headache” away. We have the latest scanners, workflow software, and optical character recognition technology that deploys quickly with our teams of experts in a SOC 2 Service environment.

The DRS mailroom configurations support:

  • Medical record scanning for Revenue Cycle Management
  • Lock Box Scanning for Accounts Receivable operations
  • Application and onboarding for Human Resources
  • Invoice Scanning for Accounts Payable
  • Application and Forms processing for any application

We believe that receiving information is only the beginning. Digitally transforming information into business applications is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. We like to say: Stop pushing paper and start accelerating your business.

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