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The 3 Most Innovative Digital Transformation Trends

Members of the Independent Information Management Dealers Association, including DRS Imaging Services, participated in a groupthink exercise revealing the top (and most anticipated) innovations that were going to reshape the way companies approached digital transformation.

These are the results of that discussion.

In this guide you will learn about:

The revolutionary emergence of AI and machine learning
While it might make you shudder to think that the machines are running critical business processes and tasks, it is an emerging trend you can’t ignore.

Increasing efficiency with the adoption of task automation
The more manual processes an organization relies upon, the more likely they’re faced with less than superior productivity, slow response times, higher error rates and ultimately, dissatisfied customers and employees.

Shrinking timelines and costs by modernizing ease of entry
The thesis many experts have come to is that reduction in costs and time to deployment that comes with cloud technology is responsible for the wave of disruptors we have seen emerge and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Learn why over 80% of organizations rank digital transformation as either “important” or “very important” in addressing disruptive challenges to their current business model.

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