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Intelligent Migration + Secure Cloud Storage

DocHarbor Solution Provider

A fundamental purpose of our Information Governance and Storage Optimization Solutions is to insure that your online archival process and storage is secure. Oftentimes, customers opt to use their own cloud or public platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. However, you should know that DRS will provide optimized storage solutions complete with encrypted and private cloud storage.  

Benefits of Hosted Solutions:

  • Scalable – You will only pay for what you need at the time that you need it; this may change over time, and we will adjust accordingly
  • Lessen Overall Complexity – A single archive containing all of your information
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance – Sensitive data is encrypted and retained according to schedule
  • Improved Accessibility – The ability to easily search for and retrieve necessary documents whenever, wherever
  • Streamlined Implementation – This reduces workflow processes and shortens the implementation timeframe
  • Reduced Costs – You will save on both operational and administrative costs, which can be between 60-80% of your costs

Using DRS allows you to easily search, retrieve, present, store and archive whatever data you’d like. Hosted solutions are even more useful when they’re combined with the Mercury platform, allowing us to better analyze, classify, and file your pertinent information.

Benefits of a Solution Hosted by You:

  • Online software that you manage internally
  • Ability and access for viewing your own information and documents
  • Ability to search your data by index
  • Open, save, and email searched documents
  • A secure/private archive

Through DRS you’re able to automate the entire storage process, so you have the comfort of knowing that all of your data is private, secure, and compliant. Your documents will be easily searchable, with the ability to retrieve files from one single location.

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