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Document Scanning Services in Houston

Laying the foundation for a digital enterprise

Document scanning and imaging services in Houston, TX 

Houston, popularly referred to as Bayou City, has a vibrant economy, driven not only by the traditionally Texan strongholds like the oil & gas and engineering & construction sectors but also by services in the healthcare, education, and government sectors.

Houston is home to several Fortune 500 companies, the Texas Medical Center (the world’s largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions), and the iconic Johnson Space Center. With several universities, research centers and a sizeable financial services industry, it’s little wonder that the city has experienced rapid and consistent growth over the years.

Document scanning lays the foundation for digital transformation. Digitizing documents is the key to creating hybrid workplaces with real-time collaboration between distributed teams, remote offsite locations and branch offices across global locations.

DRS Imaging provides world-class scanning solutions and document imaging services across the US. Our ultramodern scanning and imaging facility in Houston is equipped with high-speed, production-grade scanners for high-quality digital output. 

We use intelligent data capture technology that unlocks the true value of business data. Our powerful enterprise document management system and process automation solutions provide companies in Houston with a digital edge.

Our SOC2-certified secure scanning facility is well-positioned to handle sensitive, confidential documents that are typically sent to us for conversion by government offices and PII data held by medical and educational institutions. 

As one of the region’s leading scanning companies, we have successfully executed document scanning & digital transformation projects in and around Houston for institutions across government, education, healthcare, oil & gas, engineering and other sectors.

Scan, convert, and digitally store all business documents. Go paperless, rid the office premises of filing cabinets and eliminate the need for offsite storage! Learn more about how DRS Imaging helps your company save time, costs & storage space in our Business Document Scanning Guide.

Complete Guide To Document Scanning

Eliminate paper with document scanning 

We’re helping organizations go paperless with our advanced document scanning services in Houston. Document-intensive businesses in oil and gas, engineering, healthcare, education, government agencies, and local small-to-medium companies in Houston are seeing sizeable cost reductions and enhanced productivity with our document conversion services.

We provide high-speed, secure document imaging services while maintaining a secure chain of custody throughout the scanning project. Our backfile scanning services are ideal for converting legacy records or archived documents stored on microfilm into digital formats. We also provide day-forward scanning services to maintain paperless operations by scanning every new paper document on a daily basis.

Digitization reduces costs, manual efforts, and errors and speeds up document processing to feed downstream workflows or systems. Our Houston document scanning services facility can transform how you process, manage, and secure valuable business content.

Extract valuable information with data capture 

Manual data entry is as inefficient as paper documents filed in storage cabinets. Automated data capture software eliminates manual data entry, reduces human error, and relieves employees of tedious and repetitive data entry tasks. Data capture technology automatically identifies and extracts key data fields from structured and unstructured sources of information.

It is ideal for converting hand-filled forms, applications, or scanned images into digital files. Our scanning and imaging bureau in Houston offers data capture services using advanced OCR, ICR, and OMR technology. Our ML-based recognition functionality automatically ingests data from various types of documents, including large format architectural or engineering drawings, medical records, student records, and citizen records.

Once digitized, the files can be stored and backed up on the cloud and routed to document management software or other backend systems for further processing.

Secure & compliant document management  

Digital files must be protected and held in compliance-ready storage depending on industry-specific regulations. Electronic document management secures critical business content and supports business processes that adhere to regulatory compliances.

Our Houston document bureau manages and stores high volumes of records affordably using our industry-leading electronic document management solution. Mercury is our cloud-based document management system that enables companies to meet the challenges in managing business documents.

It gives you granular control over all business documents so you can assign role-based logins and ensure that only authorized personnel can view, manage or share documents. Mercury also has advanced indexing and search functionality that allows you to instantly search and retrieve any document from its repository.

Our Houston document bureau is helping local offices to manage their business content electronically and speed up document processing to reduce costs.

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