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Document Scanning Services in Nebraska

Scan and transform paper into powerful digital content 

Document scanning and imaging services in Omaha, NE 

The city of Omaha, situated along the Missouri river, was used historically as a stopover by settlers heading west and earned the nickname, The Gateway to the West. 

Its initial economic growth was based on the construction of railroads, a thriving meatpacking industry, and later on, the development of major interstate highways. In the 1960s, Omaha was also HQ to over 40 insurance companies, becoming one of the major insurance centers of the United States.

Today, Omaha has a diversified economy driven by several industries, including banking, insurance, telecommunications, architectural engineering & construction, and transportation.

DRS Imaging has been serving organizations in Omaha, NE, with a specialized scanning bureau that delivers industry-leading document scanning and document management solutions. 

Our ultramodern scanning & imaging facility in Omaha has the latest scanning equipment to deliver high-quality digital output. Our facility is SOC2-compliant, and our staff is specially trained to handle sensitive documents containing PII data that need to be scanned in a secure chain of custody. We ensure the safety and security of your data with our secure scanning processes.

We provide specialized outsourced digital mailroom services for insurance claims processing and insurance records management to clients in Nebraska. 

Mercury, our document management software, creates a seamless workplace, empowering your employees to collaborate, share, report, and leverage real-time digital business content from any device, anywhere.

We also offer secure high-volume data storage and archiving solutions on the Cloud as an alternative to expensive information storage in conventional, on-site storage.

Together with our high-quality scanning solutions, best-in-class data capture technology and advanced electronic document management, we offer a complete suite of digitization and automation solutions.

Why do companies need to digitize business documents? Document imaging is the foundation for digital transformation. In an increasingly digital world, businesses that do not leverage digitization run the risk of being left behind!

Complete Guide To Document Scanning

Scan and transform paper into digital

Scanning allows you to transform your paper documents into powerful digital formats that can be stored on the Cloud, shared across locations and devices and secured with tight access control. Our Omaha scanning and document imaging bureau is equipped with the latest production-grade scanners for batch processing of high volumes of business documents. We specialize in document conversion of large-format drawings, legacy records, confidential PII,  and sensitive financial documents.

We execute backfile and day-forward scanning projects to bring your business up to speed with the leading edge of digitization and chart your course toward digital transformation.

Unlock valuable business data

Manual data entry, indexing and document sorting are as inefficient as papers filed in storage cabinets. If you want to unlock the true value of business data, data capture technology is just what you need! Our automated data extraction solution captures key information directly from paper and digital files, eliminating tedious manual workflows and reducing human error. We use advanced ML-based Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to convert information from unstructured sources into searchable electronic text.

Now you can search and retrieve one among a million documents within seconds! Mercury, our document management system is the ideal solution to manage digitized business content and make it accessible and shareable.

Automate & optimize business processes  

Is your organization plagued by a series of manual tasks, redundant steps in long-winding operational workflows, and frustrating multi-step processes?

We can help you streamline business processes, eliminate manual and redundant tasks, and adhere to regulatory compliances with a systematic process re-design.

Our workflow automation solution helps you to easily restructure existing workflows, build new simplified processes, and save time and effort for your employees.

The DRS Imaging document bureau in Omaha, NE, offers a broad range of content and process automation solutions aimed at helping businesses embrace digital transformation.

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