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Document Imaging for Educational Providers and Institutions

We are experts at streamlining and automating education processes.

Document Management for Education

Most schools and educational providers have started to incorporate new technology into the classroom. However, when it comes to record keeping, many schools are unable to keep up with the mixture of paper records and electronic files, causing attention to be diverted away from the classroom to handle administration issues. 

DRS has helped many schools solve this issue by converting all of their paper, microfilm, and microfiche to digital files and saving them in a secure, organized and easily accessible repository. Streamlining, securing and preserving valuable student information is our top priority.

Benefits of Document Conversion For Educational Providers:

  • Scanned electronic documents free up valuable space and save money – up to 15,000 images (equivalent of a 4-drawer filing cabinet) can fit on a single CD 
  • Reduce administrative time in retrieving information. Electronic records can be retrieved in seconds with our powerful search features 
  • Electronic documents are easy to share with parents and administrators 
  • Electronic documents are easy and inexpensive to secure and protect from disaster 
  • Electronic records are easier to retain according to your specific retention requirements

Five Reasons to Convert Your Files Now: 

  1. Loss of documentation from fire, flood, natural disaster and mishandling – don’t wait til it’s too late 
  2. Inability to quickly locate vital student information 
  3. Rising costs of staff to process paper-based inquiries 
  4. Difficulty and inefficiency of moving paper between staff, schools, and districts 
  5. Expensive long-term storage costs

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