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Information Management for the Engineering Industry

Engineering Information Management

Engineers have their fair share of data to keep track of managing and storing technical documents, drawings, and project information is one thing. But to facilitate multiple revisions across multiple designs—and make it available to the right people at the right time—is another.

Information within the engineering industry is fluid; It’s always changing, touching both internal and external processes. Not only do operators need to know what changes were made and when, but data needs to be transmitted to the appropriate teams in real time. Between complex projects, supply chains, and project stakeholders data must be managed with control, integrity, and efficiency.

Information management should manage the entire lifecycle of a project’s data, including the creation, approval, distribution, modifications, and tracking of documents and drawings. Your engineering firm must exchange information and documents when it matters most – especially if that data is used in multiple projects simultaneously. Information Management is critical to the success of your project, as well as the success of your company, and must provide complete, accurate, and actionable information you can rely on.

Gain A Competitive Edge With Information Management Solutions From DRS

The right information management system will help your engineering firm become an industry leader with a serious competitive advantage. With automated workflows and efficient archiving from our suite of solutions, you can access the information you need to keep things moving ahead of schedule. You’ll improve collaboration, deliver faster results, and commission projects to production with ease. When information is centrally managed, engineers can be more organized and productive—eliminating inefficient procedures and increasing daily performance.

With a successful information management system in place, your company can ensure compliance needs are always being met—especially considering the strict regulations around health, safety, and environmental reporting standards. And if the scope of the project changes, you can efficiently make modifications across the entire supply chain and revise any documents or data with complete control.

By incorporating our suite of information management solutions into your engineering data and documents you’ll gain efficiency, ensure high-quality data is maintained, and have improved operational excellence no matter the scale of your projects.

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