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Document Management for Financial Markets

Streamline the back office business processes at your bank, credit union or insurance company

Financial Data Management Solutions

The financial industry has unique challenges that many other industries don’t have to worry about. The SEC audits brokerage organizations annually to ensure compliance with regulations, and if compliance isn’t being adhered to, steep fines are the costly result. All financial institutions are highly concerned with compliance and security. And, just like any other organization in any industry, financial institutions struggle with workflow, data storage and management, and process optimization.

Let DRS Help Your Financial Organization Remain Compliant, Secure, And Efficient

Security of PII data is of utmost concern for financial organizations as is compliance. DRS helps broker organizations make sure the communication between customers and brokers is stored in a SEC approved WORM (write once, read many) format. Financial institutions hold a lot of information that must be kept secure, but also accessible. And often, financial institutions have private information stored in places that are not secure and that they may not even be aware of. With all of the latest data breaches, security is at the top of mind for all organizations, big and small. 

DRS Helps You To Securely Manage Your Data

  • Store data and financial documents in compliant, audit-proof archives
  • Protect data behind a firewall, stopping access to sensitive information even if organizational email servers are breached
  • Improve efficiency with workflow automation
  • Provide long-term backup storage solutions

Workflow Automation For Today’s Dynamic Workplace

Financial organizations struggle with ensuring efficient process optimization. But our workflow automation can help speed up invoice approval, employee payroll completion, and even new hire applications and documents.

Digital Transformation Solutions

DRS was founded in New York City and has been servicing the Financial Market for over 60 years. The financial industry is in a race to digitally transform document intensive and compliance-centric applications and processes. The DRS financial services solution portfolio facilitates the digital transformation of financial internal business processes in Community Banks, Foreign Banks, Commercial Banks, Insurance Companies, Brokerage firms, and Credit Unions.  DRS digital transformation solutions are built to support requirements for external financial auditing, new client acquisition, loan processing, human resources, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.

DRS’s solutions for the Financial Marketplace reduce the costs involved in document management processes. Our ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems and services significantly reduce the costs and inefficiencies created by paper-based business processes. We deploy award-winning document imaging and workflow technology that eliminates paper and automates routing and approvals electronically throughout the organization.

We provide ECM, document management, and other services on-site or off, that augment existing staff and capture transaction and customer information. We interface with and support all major Customer Information Systems, Mortgage Origination Platforms, ERP, and Accounting systems. All solutions deployed by our team of ECM system and document management experts have impressive returns on investment allow complete tracking, auditing, and reporting for compliance purposes.

The DRS Impact

Improved access to information and collaboration

  • Simplified admissions with e-forms, mobile devices, and digital mailrooms
  • Built in Sarbanes-Oxley audit trails
  • Dramatic reduction in costs associated labor, printing, data entry and mailing
  • Integration with Line of Business systems – Ellucian/Banner, Jack Henry, Sharepoint, SAP, Oracle, etc.
  • Enhanced Banking Services with accelerated response times and self-service portals.

DRS Imaging

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