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Document Management Healthcare Solutions

Onsite or Offsite Services and EHR Solutions to keep billing operations running at optimum.

Information Management for the Healthcare Industry

It is a pivotal moment in the healthcare industry. Providing patient-centric and quality care has never been more important, but neither has the pressure to decrease costs, increase efficiency, and optimize workflow. Health management information systems are often siloes from one another, making it difficult to manage data from any one location. And without a centralized data management system within the healthcare entity, it is incredibly difficult to meet the demands of both the market and patients. 

There are many other information management challenges facing the healthcare industry, including:

  • Data Silos – Data is kept in many different places, making it difficult to know what information your healthcare business possesses
  • Data Security and Compliance – Patient data and privacy is of the utmost importance, as is keeping it compliant
  • Workflow Process – Healthcare companies are struggling to integrate efficient workflows
  • Lack of Data Sharing – various entities are all over the map in how they handle records, and not all players in the industry play well together


Healthcare Information Management By DRS

DRS has the answer for healthcare companies looking to provide patient-centric care while reducing their costs. We can help you with: With DRS as your information management partner, you can reduce storage costs while securely storing and archiving your information. But first, we help you uncover what information you have that must be kept, and identify what you can destroy. Our Mercury solutions help you analyze your data, classify data that meets compliance regulations, migrate and store data in the correct locations, and finally, monitor and report on your information to help you ensure your data is a competitive advantage.

Document Imaging & Management Services for Healthcare

Designed for both Acute Care and Ambulatory RCM Coding environments, the DRS Healthcare solutions reduce costs and ensure that loose documentation is captured and presented to ICD-10 Coders when and where they need it. Our advanced capture systems make sure medical information is captured from documentation and entered accurately and cost effectively into all major EHR (Electronic Health Records) systems including EPIC, McKesson, Allscripts, Nextgen, Meditech, Cerner, Greenway and many more.

We have been delivering EHR solutions to manage information for our health care clients for over 60 years. Our medical record scanning technology and innovation saves money 100% of the time and is fast, accurate, and reliable. Ask our innovation team how they have saved other clients millions of dollars and streamlined their HIM operations.

ECM for Healthcare Organizations

There is a multitude of software platforms that run Healthcare operations. Accounts Payable, Release of Information, RAC Audits, Credentialing, HR, Contracts, EHR, and much more. The DRS team consults with healthcare providers and prescribes the appropriate medical record scanning solution to meet compliance and business requirements.

Accounts Payable for Healthcare

Human Resource Solutions for Healthcare

We have vast experience working with account payable operations implementing invoice automation technology and provide ECM for Human resources guarantying that all employee records and credentials are in complete compliance.

Backfile Conversions or Bulk Scanning

DRS provides systems for high-speed accurate scanning of daily volumes of work or large back files. If medical record scanning isn’t your thing let our team scan for you either at your place or our convenient locations across the US. We custom tailor our offerings to meet your needs and desires and work with you to improve patient care and secure your patient, HR, and accounting information.

Our SOC 2 and HIPAA compliant operations and EHR solutions will let you rest easy that you have a partner that has made the investment you need for compliance and peace of mind.

DRS Imaging

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