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Information Governance Automation

Transform Your Business with Five Essential Tasks

Maximize the business value of information, increase IT efficiency, and minimize inherent risk. This is the point of any Information Governance policy. DRS has the tools to help you do that.

Mercury is the backbone of your Information Governance process

Our easy-to-implement software allows you to manage your enterprise information, regardless of where it resides (structured and unstructured data stored in different applications and silos such as file shares, SharePoint, email, enterprise applications such as ERP systems, or in-house applications), for the purpose of reducing IT storage costs, reducing compliance risk and maximizing information value. Our solutions allow you to automate the critical tasks related to Information Governance.

Information Governance Solves Real Problems

  • Employees can more effectively collaborate and share knowledge 
  • Allow fixed sequence and structure when meeting compliance requirements
  • Easy tracking on who did what, when and why 
  • Add flexibility to existing structures 
  • Reduce the amount of time workers spend managing, searching and reproducing information

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