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Invoice Processing Solutions

Streamline Your Accounts Payable Process with the Help of DRS Capture Platforms

Automate the AP Process from Capture Through Approval

There is one thing that all organizations share; they process invoices in accounts payable and process payments with accounts receivable.  The AP department has long been mired in a paper intensive, compliance-centric world.  Paper is expensive, slow, and error-prone.  Our accounts payable and receivable solutions eliminate 50+% of labor cost while accelerating the time it takes to process an invoice from weeks to days.  These put organizations in an enviable position where all processes are SOC 2 auditable and early payment discounts achievable. Why pay more for products and services than you have to?

The DRS Accounts Payable automation solutions can be deployed on-site, off-site or securely in the CLOUD.  Our AP invoice processing platform is custom tailored and we believe that “one size fits one”.  Our scanning and workflow components are scalable and flexible ready to meet the most demanding environment.

Let DRS show you how our digital transformation solutions will impact your organization with our detailed cost analysis.  Our no charge assessment will provide you with the business case and justification you need to digitally transform AP invoice processing and improve your supply chain management and P2P.   All DRS services are SOC 2 compliant

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