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Legal Document Scanning Services

One Central Repository – Secured Document Access

The volume of data is rapidly growing in every industry, as well as the number of legal requirements for it. But for law firms and corporate law departments, in particular, there is an enormous amount of information relevant to each client that legal teams service (including court case documents, files, research, etc.). And, unfortunately, much of that information is still in paper form. The ability to sift through the sheer amount of information and manually conduct an efficient search is no longer a viable option.

Fortunately, changes made to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure now allow electronically stored information and data to be discovered during litigation. This is where DRS can help.

Legal Scanning Services From DRS Imaging Services

DRS helps law firms and legal departments across the country with legal document scanning, as well as litigation document management. We help you manage your information so you are spending more time doing what you do best – practicing law – and less time sifting through documents.

Documents of all formats, including audio files, can be organized in a single, secure repository integrating seamlessly with practice management software or other applications. This provides attorneys, and their support teams, secure document access with minimal impact on current processes.

Special Considerations for Legal Documentation: 

  • Chain of command
  • Case files checked digitally for quality of images and files are put in the exact order as received
  • Loading of documents directly into your case management or practice applications
  • Secure, online document repository if needed
  • Types of Legal Records


We Turn Your Paper Into Digital Files

We scan and index your paper files to meet your retrieval requirements. Reclaim your office space and enable your firm to manage information following industry compliance standards. Imagine a world where you don’t have to search manually through paper anymore!

We Make Your Information Secure And Accessible

Once your files are in digital format, we provide you with an audit-proof repository and workflow system to accommodate your firm’s needs…from discovery to billing. And, if you already have a system that works, we can load the digital documents directly into your case management system.

We Make Your Process Compliant And Audit-Proof

Our workflow system allows you to monitor and report on every click and movement of every document. This protects you from undue risk related to audit and compliance. It also gives you visibility to ensure every document is provided with the right amount of attention.

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