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Document Scanning in Miami

Capture data from paper files and automate as you grow

Every business needs a remote work strategy in 2020 and beyond. Scanning large volumes of stored paper documents into lightweight digital files makes your company more productive and agile. DRS Imaging has provided document scanning in Miami for over 60 years, giving forward-thinking businesses in government, healthcare, finance, and a broad range of industries secure, user-defined access to files wherever they are on whatever device they use. Whether you prefer on-site or off-site scanning services, DRS Imaging uses OCR (optical character recognition) or ICR (intelligent character recognition) to make light work of heavy paper documents, forms, medical records—even large format documents. Want to learn how scanning paper (and managing digital files with software) gets you ready for 2021?

Document Scanning Services

Post pandemic, digital-based companies came through the turbulence better positioned for success than those running on paper. If your infrastructure is outdated (on-site document storage and hard copies), you’re losing valuable time and money to manual processes. Scan your documents to digital format and take advantage of the streamlined productivity, mobility, and cost savings that come with a digital workflow. Want to modernize and upscale your operations? Document scanning providesva digital conversion solution to get your transition underway.

Moving or Downsizing Offices? Scan It, Don’t Move It.

The 2020 workforce shifted from on-site operations to  remote access. Physical office space is increasingly obsolete. A recent Harvard Business Review study suggested that major governmental operations could save millions by migrating to smaller offices. Digital documents make sense given current business trends.  If it’s time to downsize physical office space or you anticipate an changes office locations, document scanning makes your move leaner and more agile. Digital transformation is the best long-term solution.

Document Management Software

 Scanning services convert paper documents—your archives and hard-copy records—into digital images in a way that does not disrupt day-to-day business. Those digital files can be uploaded into a document management system (DMS) to automate everyday tasks and make finding, updating, and sharing documents easy (and compliant), while decreasing costs. It’s time to prepare a business continuity plan with document management software at the center.

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Document Scanning in Miami

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