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Document Scanning in Virginia and Washington D.C.

Convert heavy paper documents into lightweight digital files

Did you know that 90% of enterprises are already in the Cloud? The barrier to automation doesn’t come down to why businesses should automate or what impact automation will have on their workforce—it comes down to how businesses should automate. Step one is scanning paper documents into digital files. Step two is managing those digital files with Cloud-based Document Management Software (DMS) that centralizes processes and defines user access. Automation reduces costs and boosts productivity across departments like Sales, HR, and Accounts Payable. It’s time to create competitive gains in a global marketplace where business continuity—and security—is essential. 

Document scanning in Virginia and Washington D.C. is how you capture what matters, automate how you do business, and adapt to a changing world. 

Document Scanning in Virginia

Document Scanning Services

The business world, the healthcare industry, government, and the financial sector has been moving toward digital transformation years, but change is slow. COVID-19 accelerated remote solutions like document scanning. US companies spend more than $8 billion a year on paper documentation. Protect your budget by switching to digital. Make employees and customers happy with streamlined workflows. Your entire company becomes more productive when you convert heavy paper documents that take up space into lightweight digital files that exist in the Cloud. 

Moving or Downsizing Offices? Scan It, Don’t Move It.

The pandemic pushed corporations toward remote work and encouraged downsizing brick-and-mortar operations as part of a flexible business continuity plan. But what should offices do with paper documentation? Storing hard copies is a costly burden. When you compare offsite paper storage to Cloud storage, the full cost-saving potential of scanning paper down to zero becomes clear. Improve not only the productivity of your lighter workforce, but your bottom line.

Document Management Software

Document Management Software makes it easy to view and edit digital files remotely via a Cloud-based system. Break your company into teams, leave comments on the fly, edit documents as needed, share portable files, analyze key metrics, and automate tasks. Increased communication between Accounts Payable, HR, and Sales creates significant profit-driving capabilities out-of-the-gate. Automate your processes with powerful software that works no matter where you login using whatever device you like.

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Document Scanning in Virginia and Washington D.C.

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DRS Imaging Services

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