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Mercury Enterprise Content Management Software

Increase Value Where It Really Counts

Reduce Costs, Reduce Manual Processes, Reduce Risk

Our easy-to-implement software allows you to manage your enterprise information, regardless of where it resides (structured and unstructured data stored in different applications and silos such as file shares, SharePoint, email, enterprise applications such as ERP and CRM systems, or in-house applications), for the purpose of reducing IT storage costs, reducing compliance risk and maximizing information value. Our solutions allow you to automate the critical tasks related to Information Governance and Storage Optimization:

  • Analyze your data for the purpose of making cost-saving migration or deletion decisions
  • Classify your data to align with your compliance requirements with tools such as auto-encryption, access control, and retention schedules
  • Migrate, retain or release your data for retention, archival or deletion
  • Constantly monitor your data to apply rules and policies
  • Generate audit-proof reporting

Information Governance: Reduce Compliance Risk

The biggest issue facing companies today is complying with increased regulation. Information Governance is about getting information to where it needs to be faster and safer so that maximum value can be achieved from this information with minimal risk. Our software ensures policies are consistently applied across disparate systems and content types:

  • Retain your documents according to their appropriate retention schedule
  • Keep sensitive data (PII) secure
  • Administer access control
  • Find information easily during discovery to reduce costs
  • Prove you consistently administer policies during an audit

When you utilize DRS solutions you will be able to manage information throughout its lifecycle from creation or capture and classification, through management to long term archival or deletion.

    Optimize Storage: Lower It Costs

    IT budgets are not growing as fast as the exponential growth in information creation and storage. The challenge we see today in most mid-market and enterprise businesses is to identify the rarely used information versus relevant information that resides on primary storage. How do you transport it away from the primary storage environment? And at the same time, how do you make it and keep it available for users and applications as needs arise? And how do you do this in a way that optimizes storage utilization and at the same time reduces the amount of administrative work that you have on an ongoing basis? Our solutions help you answer these questions with confidence so you can:

    • Move data to secondary storage such as the cloud
    • Enable single-instancing
    • Defensibly delete useless or harmful information
    • Save up to 60 – 80% in storage costs

    Software That Solves Real Business Problems

    Mercury Analyze

    Analyze existing data for the purpose of developing policies to tactically execute information governance and storage optimization decisions

      Mercury File

      Includes Mercury Analyze, along with actions such as migration, release, monitoring, and reporting

        Mercury Office

        Efficient and compliant archiving for Microsoft SharePoint 

          Mercury ERP

          Manage your ERP systems with ease and security

            Mercury Mail

            Active archive with real-time retrieval for Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes

              Mercury Classify

              Intelligent and adaptive auto-classification for your files and documents

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