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Mortgage and Title Data Management Solutions

For the past several years, the mortgage and title industry is enjoying the rising economic, as many Americans are looking to buy homes again. However, the industry is subject to strict regulations and is highly reactive to interest rate increases.

Recent regulations requiring tighter Quality Assurance and Quality Control methods are causing some mortgage companies to take a closer look at their data intensive processes. They need to provide buyers with the correct information, and then conduct QC of those documents to ensure information, such as interest rates, match in each document within the application.

Let DRS Help Classify Your Data and Ensure Compliance

Mortgage Applications can run around 150 pages, with 12-15 documents inside. If your mortgage and title company doesn’t have an automated solution, you are looking at a long, costly, manual process that could still result in errors. Mercury by DRS can help you:


Workflow Automation For Mortgage And Title

Just like any other company, mortgage and title insurance companies struggle with efficient workflows and process optimization. Our workflow automation can help speed up your HR process, the mortgage approval process, and even your payroll process. 

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