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Document Scanning for Mortgage and Title Companies

Mortgage Document Imaging Services

As a mortgage or title company, the pressure to provide quick, efficient client service can be intensified by the huge volumes of documents that can total up to a million of pages in a matter of months. Staying compliant with government regulations requires you to keep accurate, legally acceptable records for several years.

Yet the laborious process of handling all these paper documents slows down the entire mortgage process, undermining your efficiency and profits. The staff required to process all of this information, combined with costly duplication and faxing, add to your costs and shrinks your profits. From a customer service perspective, you certainly don’t want to keep your clients waiting impatiently on the phone while you sift through large volumes of information — or, even worse, play the frustrating game of phone tag.

Having fast access to customer documentation without the need for additional storage space enables you to maintain a high level of customer service while minimizing administrative costs. Let DRS show you how.

User-Friendly Electronic Filing System

DRS is a scanning service and electronic filing system that dramatically increases the efficiency of your workplace. It’s an easy to learn and use solution that scans, stores and retrieves your paper documents with ease and simplicity. The system saves valuable space, guards against theft or damage to documents, enables your staff to share documents simultaneously, and makes a complete back-up copy of all your paper files. And it’s so easy to learn and use, many people master it in just one hour. 

Irrefutable Document Integrity

File, retrieve, view, print, e-mail or fax from your desk. All of your scanned paper documents will be in a permanent TIFF or PDF format making you compliant with all local laws and legislation. 

Reduced Demand for Physical Space

After scanning, DRS storage and retrieval options can not only be utilized for your office-size documents, but for all electronic files as well. In fact, this is an electronic filing system that will store all of the content in your facility. Whether it is paper documents scanned to electronic files or original electronic content, it will all be conveniently stored in a database making all of your documents immediately accessible. 

Instant Information Access

Add highlights, stamps or other annotations to any document without altering the integrity of the original. Plus, you can black out (redact) confidential information so only privileged users can view it. Instantly share this information improving communications and collaboration with others inside and outside the organization. 

Save Time and Money

Mortgage and Title companies all across America are already reducing their costs, and enjoying instantaneous access to vital information with DRS . Maybe it’s time you did, too. For more information on how DRS can improve your productivity and the quality of your work, or to receive a free, no-obligation trial, call DRS today. 

To learn more and receive a free, no-obligation demonstration, contact DRS today.

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