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Document Management for Mortgage & Title Companies

You already know the mortgage & title industry is document-intensive. From appraisals to credit reports, home inspections to insurance papers and general correspondence, it’s tricky to keep it organized while complying with strict retention requirements.

That’s where document management services from DRS come into play.

Mitigate Risks and Simplify Workflows

Without a digital document management solution in place, you’re simply losing time and money. To stay competitive and compliant in the industry, you need a robust data management system that will:

  • Efficiently process applications 
  • Provide fast customer service 
  • Speed up internal workflow


Securely Store Your Mortgage & Title Documents

With document management data is stored in a secure, centralized, location so you can rest assured that everything is protected and compliant with state and federal law. Need to make a change to an inspection report or loan application? No problem. You’ll be able to make revisions quickly and track what’s been altered.

When documents are organized and classified appropriately, team members will have the ability to search documents based on index values. You can customize retention rules, redact data, and annotate information. And you also have the ability share documents easily across team members to simplifying transactions and move applications forward. Needless to say, business productivity will skyrocket.

Our document management solution is comprehensive. You’ll save time and reduce archiving costs, improve document integrity, and gain instant access to information. If you’re in the mortgage and title industry looking for a document management system, DRS is your answer.

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