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Accounts Payable Productivity

Streamline your AP and payment processes with automation! Eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Make opening and sorting invoices, manual data entry, waiting for interoffice mail or overnight courier for approvals, copying and scanning to archive, searching for lost or misplaced invoices, and fielding inquiry calls tasks of the past.

Manual Tasks Are Out. Efficiency Is In.

Automated AP and payment processing is fast, easy to implement and secures all invoice and payment data behind a state-of-the-art firewall. Most importantly, you and your team can spend time growing the business and increasing profitability!

  • Scale for growth – triple the number of invoices processed without adding staff
  • Eliminate the manual work tied to processing and routing invoices for payment approval
  • Eliminate printing, signing, and stuffing paper checks
  • Have the flexibility to pay bills faster and receive payment discounts; reduce a 30-day payment cycle to as little as 2 or 3 days
  • Stop looking for lost, late and misplaced invoices
  • Instantly find invoices by vendor, payment type, and more
  • Forget about fixing data entry errors and transpositions; reduce the frustration of manually working through exceptions
  • Automatically update AP and GL while eliminating the need for manual GL coding
  • Approve invoices and payments when out of the office–anytime, anywhere, even with mobile devices 

“We had three main objectives in implementing AvidInvoice, first was to develop a scalable AP process; second to eliminate paper; and lastly, as our portfolio grows, we needed “real-time” visibility to our outstanding invoices.”

Kevin Dillard, Chief Financial Officer, The Abbey Company

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