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DocHarbor Cloud

DocHarbor Cloud™ is a hosted archiving solution for managing information in today’s web-enabled enterprise. DocHarbor Cloud™ is an enterprise solution because it is both rich and scalable. You can store unlimited documents, link them to complex business processes, and give access to unlimited users with no degradation in performance. DocHarbor Cloud offers a scalable suite of document management technologies including scan-to-web, report mining and compliance support capabilities.

Simplicity Meets Security and Efficiency

DocHarbor Cloud™ offers the best in technology and human excellence for an affordable, predictable fee. DocHarbor’s ROI is not only a Return on Investment, but a Return on Information. With added value at every phase of the document lifecycle, docHarbor empowers users to leverage business-critical documents instantly from within core enterprise applications. docHarbor also provides long-term document insurance by complying with pertinent regulations and ensuring business information is physically secure from disaster.

DocHarbor Cloud™ offers:

  • Secure 24x7 web access
  • Rapid implementation
  • Disaster recovery options
  • Outsourcing alternatives
  • Predictable price and performance
  • A powerful return on information

The beauty of DocHarbor Cloud™ is its elegant simplicity and minimal capital commitment due to its foundation in web-based technology. DocHarbor Cloud™ is as fail-safe as it is cost effective.

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