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Scanning Solutions

Boost your performance. Transform paper into high-quality digital files.


We scan, capture, and classify business content to enable paperless operations for greater organizational efficiency.

Document Imaging Services

We transform your business documents into images that can be digitally stored, retrieved, and managed from any device.

Medical Records Scanning

We specialize in scanning medical charts, lab reports, films, and prescriptions to support Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

Digital Mailroom Services

Digitize incoming documents at their source & distribute them digitally – every day. Stay paperless and empower remote teams.

Business Process Outsourcing

Focus on your core competencies, and outsource the rest to us! DRS streamlines your business processes & speeds up workflows.

Data Storage and Archiving

No matter how vast your data archives are, we’ll find a way to store your content securely and affordably. Accessible forever.


DRS Imaging offers a range of services that revolutionize the way you work. Digitally transform your business content. Improve and accelerate your operational processes.

Document Conversion Services

Convert paper documents, book archives, and legacy microformats into a searchable, digital repository.

Document Scanning Services

We scan any document, of any size, whether on-site or in our bureaus, with high-speed scanners.

Facilities Management Services

We manage your operations efficiently to provide significant savings and positive business impact.

Microfiche & Microfilm Scanning Services

Digitize micrographic archives to provide secure remote access to business data from anywhere.

Microfilming Services

Our microfilm processing centers provide microfilm archival, printing, duplication and repair services.

On-site Scanning Services

We deploy on-site scanning teams & equipment to scan high-security documents on your premises.

Scanner Maintenance & Repair

We provide preventive maintenance, break-fix anticipation, and rapid on-site response for all major brands.


We sell and service a range of scanners from every major manufacturer. We help you zero in and find the best-fit scanner for your application and requirements.

Canon Document Scanners

Streamline your document scanning project with Canon’s award-winning line-up of document scanners.

Canon Check Scanners

Convert paper cheques into electronic images with Canon, and decentralize payment processing.

Kodak Alaris Scanners

Choose from desktop, departmental, and production scanners with intelligent software & trusted services.

Microfilm & Microfiche Scanners

Explore state-of-the-art microfiche and microfilm scanners that deliver archival quality digital images.

ScanPro Microfilm Scanners

Automatic, high-speed, high-resolution micrographic scanners from ScanPro match any need or budget.


DRS Imaging works with leading industry experts to provide tailored document digitization services & automation solutions for each industry.


DRS Imaging has scanning facilities in major cities across the United States, delivering a complete line of on-site and off-site scanning services.

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Florida Miami

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