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Release of Information Solutions for Healthcare

Employee streamlining the accounts receivable process

Automated Medical Release of Information (ROI) Is Fast, Secure, Accurate, and Compliant

Manual Medical Record Transfer Is Risky and Costly

  • Record requests traditionally handled by phone and fax drain administrative resources. 
  • Transfer completion within the required 10-day window is a struggle.
  • Monitoring adherence to transfer regulations is difficult.
  • Patients wait longer than they should. 
  • Mistakes made anywhere throughout the process affects patients and may violate Patient Health Information (PHI) regulations—which incur steep penalties.
  • Mistakes are costly. 
  • Delays in the process mean delays in reimbursement.

Automated Medical ROI Limits Risk and Increases Revenue

  • Electronic transfer decreases staff workload, minimizing IT requirements.
  • Released patient records are tracked every step of the way so everyone knows what was transferred, when it was transferred, where it’s going, and for whom.
  • Performance metrics show efficiencies and bottlenecks.
  • Problems are flagged (with alerts!) and fixed in real-time to stay on schedule.
  • High-volume requests and seasonal spikes don’t cause Health Information Management (HIM) disruption.
  • A secure transfer safeguards against Protected Health Information (PHI) breaches and abides by HIPAA compliance.
  • No penalties.
  • Turnaround time is much faster, with close to no error.
  • Multiple file formats are supported for export and print.
  • Incremental invoicing 
  • Increased patient, provider, payer, and auditor satisfaction

Streamline ROI Performance! Save Time, Minimize Errors, Improve Satisfaction Across the Enterprise From Sender to Receiver, and Save Money.

The release of medical information demands speed and security. With no room for error and a transfer window of just 10 days for compliancy, automated technology increases accuracy while dramatically reducing costs.

Protect patient privacy. Limit medical provider risk.

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