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Document Scanning Services for Financial Organizations

Banks, investment firms, mortgage companies and other businesses in the financial industry deal with paper on a daily basis. And because nearly all of it contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII), it’s critical that documents are properly taken care of.

Scanning Financial Documents

If your institution is still storing documents in a maze of filing cabinets, it’s time to look at your document scanning options.

We know the security of your data is a top priority, not to mention complying with federal and state regulations. That’s why moving physical documents to digital storage is a massive benefit to financial services: You’ll control document access within your organization, enforce document retention policies, and gain the ability to audit file activity.

Let DRS Scan and Manage Your Financial Documents

Going paperless will also save your financial institution time and money. No longer will you spend money on paper or waste time searching for a single file in a mountain of documents; You’ll gain immediate digital access to financial documents and client files. This means work will become streamlined, productivity will increase, and business will grow.

Remember, you can start small! We can accommodate banker box jobs for small financial consulting businesses all the way up to enterprise-level projects for the largest accounting firms. And you can trust us to securely scan your documents promptly so you can keep your business running as usual.

Scanning is the first step to implementing a sound document management strategy. Contact us if you’re ready to receive a free price quote or learn more about our scanning services.

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