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The ScanPro 3000 Microfilm Scanner

State of the art, archival quality, scanning for your microfilm, microfiche and aperture cards. 

DRS Imaging is proud to be the leading ScanPro reseller and support specialist for New York State.

The ScanPro Has You Covered

When the ScanPro 3000 arrived on scene it revolutionized the micrographics industry and quickly became the leading microfiche and microfilm scanner on the market today. It’s revolutionary 26 megapixel camera provides an ultra-high-resolution scanned image of your microfilm. The quality speaks for itself! Have a look at the sample scans below.

Actual Scanned Image from the ScanPro 3000

The Same Image from Other Microfilm Scanners

ScanPro 3000 Features

An easy to learn and easy to use interface means your staff and patrons will be self-sufficient in no time.
  • The AUTO-Scan feature automatically scans roll film a, microfiche b, and jackets b at speeds up to 20 images per minute
  • FOCUS-Lock ensure consistent image focus, even during optical zoom, making it easier to find the information you need
  • The magnifier tool makes it easy to read small text and fine details and even allows you to scan or print what you see in the magnifier window.
  • SPOT-Edit allows you to edit individual sections of the image. This is ideal for brightening photos while leaving the text sharp and crisp. It can also be used to redact or whiteout sensitive information
  • AUTO-Adjust means you never have to worry about manipulating brightness, contrast, rotation or cropping. With one-click AUTO-Adjust takes care of it all for you.
  • Automatically straighten your images with a click of a button to improve quality and reduce background noise.
  • With the MergeClips feature, you can combine multiple scans and annotations on to a single page to reduce printing costs
  • Configurable button controls can be set up to instantly send images to your printers, pre-configured save locations, cloud storage, or email.
  • Save and OCR functionality allows users to create word-searchable PDF’s
  • Save images in a format that works best for your needs. The ScanPro 3000 supports PDF, TIFF, JPEG and more. Multi-page and single-page output is also supported with full-text OCR.
  • The 26-megapixel camera provides superior optical resolution, ensuring the clearest images.

Features of the ScanPro Advantage Membership

The ScanPro advantage membership unlocks a wealth of advanced features and functionality, and it comes free for the first six months.
  • AUTO-Scan Pro automatically scans roll film a, microfiche b, and jackets< sup style="font-size: 10px;"> b at speeds up to 100 images per minute on roll film and fiche and up to 70 images per minute on jackets.
  • Our interactive quality assurance tool, AUTO-Scan QA, guarantees you won’t miss an image
  • Need to inspect the quality of a newly created roll of film? AUTO-Review has you covered! Simply load your film onto the ScanPro 3000 and it will automatically advance frame by frame so you can inspect the image quality.
  • PowerScan Productivity Suite allows you to use our advanced tools such as WORD-Search, INFO-Link and Copy-to-Clipboard

a – Requires roll film carrier b – Requires AUTO-Carrier

See the ScanPro 3000 in Action and Discover How It Will Improve the Access to Your Microfilm Collection

Looking for a Different ScanPro Model?

While the ScanPro 3000 is the most popular model worldwide, DRS Imaging is proud to offer the complete line-up of microfilm and microfiche scanners across New York. If you have interest in the ScanPro 2000 or the ScanPro i9300 contact us today for a free quote or to schedule a no-obligation demo.

ScanPro 3000 PC Requirements

If you’re looking to purchase a new computer to go with your ScanPro, we highly recommend the DELL Optiplex Series. We set up and test the ScanPro products on the Optiplex workstations and they have consistently provided outstanding performance.

Computer Hardware Minimum Recommended Specification
Processor Intel Core i5 or i7 (i7 is recommended)
Computer Memory (RAM) 8GB of Memory
Hard Drive Capacity 500GB – 1TB
Optical Media Drive 24X CDRW/DVD or equivalent
Monitor XSVGA / SVGA / VGA
Compatible Operating Systems >64 Bit Windows 7 or 64 Bit Windows 10
Computer-to-Scanner Interface USB 3.0 / 3.1 up to 5Gbps

It is important to meet or exceed these minimum recommended specifications to ensure proper performance of your ScanPro 3000 – Have a question? Contact us today

PC Requirements When Using AUTO-Scan Pro, the AUTO-Carrier, or the PowerScan Productivity Suite

Automating your microfilm scanning, OCR’ing images, and accurately driving the AUTO-Carrier demands a lot of computing power. Without a powerful computer, OCR and scanning speeds end up being reduced. The recommendations below are provided as a guide for purchasing a new PC.

Computer Hardware Minimum Recommended Specification
Processor Intel Core i7
Computer Memory (RAM) 8GB DDR3 Memory
Hard Drive Capacity 750GB – 1TB SATA, 10,000 RPM, 3.0Gb/s hard drive with data burst cache or higher. Or, 1TB SSD

It is important to meet or exceed these minimum recommended specifications to ensure proper performance of your ScanPro 3000 – Have a question? Contact us today


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