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Student Records Management Solutions

Whether you’re a small high school or a large public university, the Student Information System (SIS) is the lifeblood of your student-record keeping. It must enable your institution to keep factually accurate records of every student that walks in your building. It also must store your student records–and manage them while ensuring their safety. Many educational institutions are moving toward electronic records, but paper-based records must also be scanned and kept in an easily retrievable format based on your retention and deletion schedules.

DRS Can Help With Managing Your Student Records

Our records management solutions for educational institutions offer the ability to scan, store, retrieve and archive all of your student records. Accurate and well-managed student data is key to both the student and the school. Especially for higher education facilities, students require valid and up-to-date information to ensure their success. DRS can work with your internal SIS system and ensure that your records are streamlined and safe.

Use DRS Student Records Management Solutions to:

  • Scan, analyze, classify and archive information in compliance-proof storage
  • Keep data–especially sensitive PII data safe and secure
  • Easily search, retrieve, and present student records
  • Ensure all records are kept based on external retention requirements

Whatever your specific needs, DRS can make managing student records easy. Feel secure knowing you have a scalable and flexible system in place that will make work more efficient and collaborative.

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